Pennsylvania State University Online Degrees – Penn State World Campus

Pennsylvania State University Online Degrees

Established in 1998, the World Campus at Penn State is one of the most prestigious and reputable online colleges and universities. That in and of itself isn’t surprising at all. World Campus is an online campus of the top-notch Pennsylvania State University, a world-renowned institution that ranks top 100 year-in-year-out.

World Campus offers numerous Pennsylvania State University online degrees and over 120 robust online programs that lead to a broad range of graduate and undergraduate degrees as well as fantastic certificate courses that cut across the fields of Healthcare, Business, Technology, Engineering, Education, and so forth.

Pennsylvania State University Online Degrees – At a Glance

  • Type: Public Non-Profit
  • Accreditation: Regional
  • Region: Mideast
  • Graduation Rate: 40.6%
  • Tuition Rate (Cost per Credit): Undergraduate ($535) and Graduate ($805)


1. Get Full On-Campus Benefits Online
Online students at Penn State World Campus receive an unsurpassed learning experience that rival that of on-campus students. You’ll receive lectures from the same on-campus faculty. And that isn’t all – online students have full access to sterling Penn State library services, academic advisers, and career services. Adding to that, you’ll receive additional online tutorials to get you up to speed.

2. Top-Rated Online Courses
World Campus has gained increased traction with students of varied ages because it boasts some of the most sought-after courses. Their online graduate information technology and online graduate engineering programs are ranked top 10 in the country. Both online graduate and bachelor’s business degrees are ranked top 20.

3. Huge Variety of Online Courses
Pennsylvania State University online degrees selection both at graduate and undergraduate levels at Penn State World Campus is quite impressive. As of this date, World Campus offerings include 27 world-class master’s degrees as well as a variety of 18 bachelor’s degrees. Their primary majors range from the traditional psychology and business to the more focused degrees such as Homeland Security and Geographic information systems.

4. The Pioneers of Online Education
Since 1998, PSU World Campus has been the leader of the pack. They’ve consistently maintained high standards and top-quality instructions.
5. Strong Career Network and Reputation
As part of the highly-ranked Penn State, World Campus online programs come with some sense of prestige and reputation. Online graduates enjoy rigorous career services and an extensive alumni network.


1. Slightly High Per Credit Rates
Although the tuition rates are not far higher than those of other online colleges and universities, World Campus per credit hour cost is among the highest. However, this isn’t surprising as the students are receiving education from a top-tier US college.

2. You may be required to take some courses on-campus
Many students, especially stay-at-home or busy parents, may find this a massive inconvenience. Besides, you might be called to take proctored exams in a pre-approved location.
Verdict: Although World Campus cost per credit is slightly higher compared to other online colleges and universities, it offers top-tier education much akin to PSU on-campus learning experience.

Article: Pennsylvania State University Online Degrees – World Campus Reviews

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